Førde Traditional and World Music Festival

Førde Traditional and World Music Festival is the largest festival in Scandinavia for traditional and / world music and dance from all over the world. The festival was established in 1990, and takes place in beginning of July each year.

The theme of this year’s festival: Flight!

In the past, now and almost certainly in the future we will be witness to the exodus of populations; from war, hunger, ethnic or religious persecution, poverty, lack of freedom of expression, and other reasons. Today, refugees from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea seek sanctuary in Europe – and bring their cultures with them. Still others are internal refugees. Colombia, for example, is after Syria the country with the greatest number of internally-displaced persons (UNHCR). Some seek sanctuary in neighbouring countries, while others travel from their own continents to Europe. They bring with them tragic and dramatic histories of difficult lives and sad fates. But they also bring their skills, abilities, cultures and traditions – and their music.

I will be performing with Khalid Kouhen, Federico Umberto and Jonas Knutsson.